Hello.  My name is Jughead and I am a misunderstood house cat.

Being misunderstood and mysterious I know that you would like to read all about my life and times.

I am a goodhearted survivor.

This is my commentary on life (as dictated to my faithful human).  Your love and support are appreciated.

But really, what is not to love?


That’s right

20180115_191036.jpgSo Vanessa came to our house today.  During her stay she decided to relax in my chase lounge.

Of course it was all so that I could climb on her legs and stretch out.  Now THIS is the way to take a nap.

I am glad someone knows how to treat me properly.

Travis & the shower liner

20180113_085016.jpgThe time had come to replace the shower liner.  I like to play with it during and after the humans shower.  Somehow (and it is a puzzling mystery) it is a bit, what is the decorating term….distressed?

So Travis was changing out the shower liner to a fresh and new one.  Luckily for him I was there to help.  Always willing to contribute, I drug the old liner into the hallway towards the main trash can.

The untrained eye may have thought I was simply continuing to play with the liner.  But I am actually showing my worth and contributions to this family.

They are so lucky to have me.

No box too small.

Travis brought home a box.  I immediately had to prove that I could fit inside of it.  See?  I could.


I am never so happy as when I can contort myself to fit inside a box no matter how small.  Look at the pride in my face.


Study break

20171112_171153_1510630348677Travis was trying to read his textbook the other night.

He had been at it a while and I thought he needed a break.  So I jumped up into his lap so that he could have the privilege of petting me, at least until I got tired of it.

Josey was not pleased however.  She is too skittish to sit in anyone’s lap but she thinks that no one else should either.  She growled to let us know her disapproval.  And we all know that she is the boss of the house.

That’s OK, he can pet me later.


Good evening.

I apologize for being away for a bit.  Most of the pictures that accompany my posts are taken by Melody.  About a month ago the health issues of Melody’s mom took a turn for the worse.  So Melody traveled to Illinois to spent several weeks with her before she eventually went home to be with Jesus.  As Melody has worked through her loss this slowed down the pictures and some of the inspirations of my posts.
Since Melody has returned I have been busy apart from my typical routine making her feel back at home and loved.  I have been sure to misbehave on a regular basis so that she has to spray with me with the correction water bottle.  See, I do it to keep her busy and  so to let her know how important she is.  I have to be thoughtful for her in that way.

I also let her take this picture of me.  I laid down on this blanket which was Dorothy’s (her mother).  You know I never met Dorothy, or as I like to call her Granny, since she lived far away and she had birds (BIRDS, people – just why?).  But she raised Melody and anyone that raised someone that loves me the way that Melody loves me (even when I am naughty or high strung) you have to know that they must have been special.

So here I am, the cat that she loves (hush Archie), sitting on her mom’s blanket.  I can’t send a Hallmark card that says love, so I do this to tell her.

She has taken several pictures so hopefully I will be back on track with regular updates now.

Shower fun

I am not a fan of water.  Yet I really like to hang out on the tub in between the shower curtain and the shower liner.

I think it makes me look all cool and stealth like.  What do you think?

Buns? What hamburger buns?

So the other day Travis came home from work.  He walked into the kitchen and found the hamburger buns lying on the floor.  The bag was shredded and someone eaten some of them.  He came over in an angry and accusing voice and asked me what I did.

I told him I had no idea what he was talking about.  I don’t even know what hamburger buns are, or how delicious I think they are.  And more than that I have no idea how they found their way into the floor from the counter.

He asked me how I knew they were on the counter.


20170902_095518Sometimes Travis may think he is tired and can take a rest from proper housework.

I have to take the opportunity to remind him that I deserve to reside in a home that is kept to my high standards. There is no room for laziness or slacking.  So if he doesn’t immediately put his clothes in the hamper then I remind him that he should.  So I decided to lie down in his pants.

They are soft and comfortable.  But this is more about teaching life lessons and those can be tough.

Better appreciate this hard work.

Josey Lynn

So the other cat that lives here is Josey, or properly, Josey Lynn.  She is a little black cat  who is about 16 years old.  She has no front claws but is a fierce hunter, and she rules this household.  The humans call her “Baby girl” or “Daddy’s girl” (she is Travis’ favorite).  Her story is a story of rescue and success.

Most people find their cat.  Josey Lynn found her people.  Travis went outside the house they used to live in one morning to leave for work and Josey had curled up on a chair.  He spoke to her and she meowed but did not move.  She was in the same spot when he came home from work 10 hours later.  He put down food and water and she meowed more but would not get down.  Melody and Travis went to see the midnight  screening of the first Spider-Man film and when they came home they thought Josey had left because the chair was empty.  But when she greeted them with a meow the realized she had just moved to a chair on the other side of the porch.

The next day Travis went to all the neighbors but no one was missing a black cat.  He could tell she was troubled so he took her to vet to get checked out.  Josey had been attacked by an animal and was in very bad shape.  She had a large hole in her belly and at the base of her tail.  Her back legs were missing so much flesh at the lower portion that they couldn’t stitch them up but instead had to cauterize them.  The vet said if Josey had arrived a day latter she would have probably lost her back two legs.  After speaking with Melody Travis brought Josey home with 2 blue casts on her back legs.

She grew close to Travis because for a week he administered her medicine and loved on her in a separate room to segregate her from the orange tabby they had at the time, Tiger.  Josey made a full recovery and is very sweet although she is very skittish still to this day and won’t let you handle her.  She will sit next to you (she ALWAYS wants to sit next to Travis) but she won’t sit in your lap and gets freaked out if you try to pick her up.  She has been a source of love and joy for 15 years now for Melody, Travis, and their daughter, Vanessa.

Speaking of Vanessa she gave Josey both her unique spelling of her primary name and distinguished her further with a middle name (do YOU know of a cat with a middle name?).

The family would watch the Josie and the Pussycats Hanna Barbara cartoon and Vanessa first had a stuffed Josie.  When Josey came along she looked just like Josie so it was obvious (however Vanessa insisted to the vet and everyone else her name was spelled J-O-S-E-Y)  so that is how it stuck.  Vanessa also shares Melody’s middle name Lynn and heard it quite often when she was called down for misbehaving or as a warning.  You know you are an inch away from trouble when they use  your middle name.  So when Josey was getting in something she shouldn’t just as it was “Vanessa Lynn” for Vanessa, for Josey it was “Josey Lynn”.

Another characteristic that carries over from her hard beginnings on her own is that Josey will eat almost anything.  One night early on with her family Melody dropped some popcorn.   Travis didn’t think anything of it and was going to pick the popcorn up when they were done.  When they had finished Travis did look down but Josey was staring back at him licking her lips.  Josey might not love pickles as much as Vanessa but she will eat them. Yes, you heard right, PICKLES.  They haven’t run across anything yet that Josey won’t eat.

But her favorite thing is peanut butter.  When Travis makes peanut butter crackers Josey would crawl inside the jar if she could.  Travis will put some on his finger and Josey will lick it and lick it (until her tongue is sticking to the finger).

About a year ago Melody and Travis noticed Josey was a bit sluggish and were really worried about her.  A trip to the vet revealed that she had a thyroid issue.  She has medicine that is rubbed on the inside of her ear twice a day now.  She also had more trouble jumping up on the couch to sit beside Travis, and she HAS to sit beside Travis.  So Melody got her Cosequin for her joints which has helped a great deal.

Since I’ve come in the house she is a bit scared and uncomfortable with me.  We’ve scrapped a few times but Melody gets out the bad boy (or in her case bad girl) water bottle and that breaks it up quickly.  We are making progress slowly.

She may have some years behind her, but she still rules the house.  No queen has ever has so much eloquence or beauty.