Hello.  My name is Jughead and I am a misunderstood house cat.

Being misunderstood and mysterious I know that you would like to read all about my life and times.

I am a goodhearted survivor.

This is my commentary on life (as dictated to my faithful human).  Your love and support are appreciated.

But really, what is not to love?

Josey Lynn

So the other cat that lives here is Josey, or properly, Josey Lynn.  She is a little black cat  who is about 16 years old.  She has no front claws but is a fierce hunter, and she rules this household.  The humans call her “Baby girl” or “Daddy’s girl” (she is Travis’ favorite).  Her story is a story of rescue and success.

Most people find their cat.  Josey Lynn found her people.  Travis went outside the house they used to live in one morning to leave for work and Josey had curled up on a chair.  He spoke to her and she meowed but did not move.  She was in the same spot when he came home from work 10 hours later.  He put down food and water and she meowed more but would not get down.  Melody and Travis went to see the midnight  screening of the first Spider-Man film and when they came home they thought Josey had left because the chair was empty.  But when she greeted them with a meow the realized she had just moved to a chair on the other side of the porch.

The next day Travis went to all the neighbors but no one was missing a black cat.  He could tell she was troubled so he took her to vet to get checked out.  Josey had been attacked by an animal and was in very bad shape.  She had a large hole in her belly and at the base of her tail.  Her back legs were missing so much flesh at the lower portion that they couldn’t stitch them up but instead had to cauterize them.  The vet said if Josey had arrived a day latter she would have probably lost her back two legs.  After speaking with Melody Travis brought Josey home with 2 blue casts on her back legs.

She grew close to Travis because for a week he administered her medicine and loved on her in a separate room to segregate her from the orange tabby they had at the time, Tiger.  Josey made a full recovery and is very sweet although she is very skittish still to this day and won’t let you handle her.  She will sit next to you (she ALWAYS wants to sit next to Travis) but she won’t sit in your lap and gets freaked out if you try to pick her up.  She has been a source of love and joy for 15 years now for Melody, Travis, and their daughter, Vanessa.

Speaking of Vanessa she gave Josey both her unique spelling of her primary name and distinguished her further with a middle name (do YOU know of a cat with a middle name?).

The family would watch the Josie and the Pussycats Hanna Barbara cartoon and Vanessa first had a stuffed Josie.  When Josey came along she looked just like Josie so it was obvious (however Vanessa insisted to the vet and everyone else her name was spelled J-O-S-E-Y)  so that is how it stuck.  Vanessa also shares Melody’s middle name Lynn and heard it quite often when she was called down for misbehaving or as a warning.  You know you are an inch away from trouble when they use  your middle name.  So when Josey was getting in something she shouldn’t just as it was “Vanessa Lynn” for Vanessa, for Josey it was “Josey Lynn”.

Another characteristic that carries over from her hard beginnings on her own is that Josey will eat almost anything.  One night early on with her family Melody dropped some popcorn.   Travis didn’t think anything of it and was going to pick the popcorn up when they were done.  When they had finished Travis did look down but Josey was staring back at him licking her lips.  Josey might not love pickles as much as Vanessa but she will eat them. Yes, you heard right, PICKLES.  They haven’t run across anything yet that Josey won’t eat.

But her favorite thing is peanut butter.  When Travis makes peanut butter crackers Josey would crawl inside the jar if she could.  Travis will put some on his finger and Josey will lick it and lick it (until her tongue is sticking to the finger).

About a year ago Melody and Travis noticed Josey was a bit sluggish and were really worried about her.  A trip to the vet revealed that she had a thyroid issue.  She has medicine that is rubbed on the inside of her ear twice a day now.  She also had more trouble jumping up on the couch to sit beside Travis, and she HAS to sit beside Travis.  So Melody got her Cosequin for her joints which has helped a great deal.

Since I’ve come in the house she is a bit scared and uncomfortable with me.  We’ve scrapped a few times but Melody gets out the bad boy (or in her case bad girl) water bottle and that breaks it up quickly.  We are making progress slowly.

She may have some years behind her, but she still rules the house.  No queen has ever has so much eloquence or beauty.


As I mentioned I live with two other cats.  Archie is one of those cats.  He is about 6 years old.  He was a birthday adoption for Melody (her previous orange tabby little man, Tiger had passed away a little over a year earlier).  Melody went to the animal shelter and Archie reached out to her from inside his cage, held her finger, and took hold of her heart.

Archie follows Melody from room to room, talks to her all the time, and when she comes home runs to meet her at the door.  If Melody is not home at the time that she normally arrives home Archie will sit on the chair and watch out the window until she is home.   He also runs after her when she is going to go to bed.  He will paw and bite her leg because he doesn’t want her to go to sleep but instead to hang out with him all the time.  So Melody picks him up, hugs and loves on him, and then puts him in the bed.  He jumps down from the bed and runs to the door so that Melody can get into the bed.  He is mama’s little man.

I am longer than Archie but Archie is more stout than I am.  Archie loves treats and will sit for them.  Archie actually thinks he needs treats every time anyone goes to the kitchen.  Let’s just be honest, Archie thinks that any time there is any thing going on it should be time to feed him.  Archie loves to sit in boxes.

Archie isn’t quite ready for me to live here yet since he still hisses at me but he is doing it less and less now.  Travis and Melody still put me in my room away from everyone during the night when everyone is asleep or when they are away and sometimes I can hear Archie come by my door and hiss.  I chased him down to play today but he misunderstood and Melody had to spray me with the bad boy water bottle she uses when we misbehave.  But other times I can sniff his butt and he does just fine.

We are still working out our relationship and who is boss.



Can you see me?

The bag said “Happy”.  So I took a cue and did what made me happy – I climbed inside it and peered outside.

It’s made of paper so it rustles and is noisy when I move inside it.  I love that and it makes me so excited.

Or I can practice my stealth moves – if I am perfectly still then it is silent.  They may start calling me Jughead the ninja, or maybe Jughead the ninja cat…probably not, but they could.  After all I also am very nimble and have terrific balance.

But the box says “Happy” and that is what I am, that and marvelous.


So the other human here is a guy named Travis.  He picked me up from Connie  at work while she was going out of town and brought me to their house.  He works as both a warehouse supervisor and as a minister.  He feeds me, plays with me, and most importantly changes my box.  It isn’t as fun to crawl in his lap and sleep on but he’ll do in a pinch.

I convinced Melody early in my stay that she should let me stay.  It took me several days to win Travis over.  But to be fair, he had concerns over how I would work out with the other two cats here, especially Josey, an older female  with health issues that is his favorite, but it’s all going to be good.  Besides, he will be the first to tell you that no one or no thing deserves to have to live in Columbia (it’s hot and traffic is terrible).


So during my visit while Connie was traveling one of the humans was a lady named Melody.  I really liked her instantly.

She spent lots of time with me in my room, played with me with my toys, fed me special treats, talked to me a lot, and let me crawl on her lap and lay down.  She has a good heart and really wants to look out for and take care of people and animals in need.

I can see why the other two cats in the house really like her.  She is awesome!

Going for a ride

One day Connie tells me, “We are going for a ride”.  I was kind of excited, I like to ride and behave amazingly well.

Little did I know she was taking me for neuter surgery.  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to teach my awesomeness instead of passing it along in genes.  It’s OK though there is only so much awesomeness the world can handle.  Besides according to the Humane Society each year there are 6-8 million pets that are brought to shelters.  Sadly only half of them will be adopted.  So neutering or spaying reduces pet homelessness, increases health, curbs bad behavior, and decreases ownership costs in the long run.

So a few days later she tells me again, “We are going for a ride”.  You can understand my hesitancy.  The picture above is the look I gave her.  But along I went, a very good car rider am I.  I did have a spacious carrier and a favorite blanket.   She brought me to her human pal, Travis and he took me to his home.

You see Connie travels a lot for work and some for pleasure.  She wanted me to have a good home to stay at after my surgery and I got to say the digs were pretty nice.  They had to keep me secluded in one room because they have other cats. but it’s pretty nice.  They cleaned it out and set it up for me pretty well.  They came in and checked on me often and spent time with me.  I even had a window to look outside.

But I was curious about what was outside that door.

On the outside

While at Connie’s she treated me pretty well.  I was well fed (I’m talking canned food), had lots of attention, she began to call me Larry because of Impractical Jokers.  She even let me inside which is where I belong (especially in the heat that is a Columbia summer).

But her other two cats weren’t having it.  I would try to buddy up to them by hanging close to them, but they were not accepting.

All this time Connie was trying to find me a home and there were no takers.  Obviously humans are more dense than I thought because THIS guy is a great catch.

I spent all of July waiting for someone to come to their senses.